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The Twitch Moderators Community

Hi there and welcome to Orsokuma's site!
Right now, this is still a build-in-progress, but there's still stuff here to view

I'm Bear, known previously as Magictallguy online and now as Orsokuma.
I've been a website developer for over 20 years; working with HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Python, and a little C#.

I'm now spending the majority of my time helping to moderate for various streamers on Twitch (full list available here) and have created KumaBot Defender to aid me in that process.
Currently, between the 13 of us, it's lurking in a total of 669 channels, with my personal versions running in 267.

This has also led to the Twitch Moderators Community, a server on Discord that allows streamers, moderators, and everything in between to join forces against the spambots, viewerbots, followbots, trolls, and various other threats.